About MCGM

MCGM is the umbrella body for the national missions movement in Malaysia. MCGM is a member of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Mission Commission, and a member of  ETHNE, the official network for Unreached Peoples for WEA Mission Commission.

MCGM is the missions arm of both NECF & CCM in Malaysia.

MCGM functions as a forum for:

  • sharing resources, experiences and information
  • to increase our effectiveness in deployment of personnel to missions
  • cooperation in missionary preparation, sending and care as a “one-stop hub” for churches/ministries in missions
  • assisting agencies in the mobilization of churches for missions
  •  cooperating in missionary and missions training
  •  working together in the challenge of reaching UPGs in Malaysia
  • representing the Malaysian missions movement in the international arena.


MCGM envisions a PREFERED future where the Malaysian church is strategically networked in accomplishing the goal of seeing Jesus worshipped among ALL peoples, committed to fulfilling the Great Commission.


MCGM exists to encourage the Malaysian Church towards a greater involvement in cross-cultural missions, and facilitate and provide a platform for networking (sharing of strategy, information and resources) in order to maintain Christian unity in missions, for His greatest glory.


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